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Online check-in service

We wanted to keep you up to speed with everything that we are doing so you feel welcome in our home. So here you can find out all of the latest news and updates to our products and services. 


We have further enhanced our customer offering with online check-in now available on most international flights.

This new service enables customers to conveniently check-in at www.fijiairways.com using a simple user-friendly interface. Online check-in opens 24 hours before and closes 90 minutes prior to departure.

The online check-in service will offer customers the flexibility and comfort of checking-in from their home or office, saving them time and enabling them to avoid airport queues.

After completing online check-in, customers can print out a boarding pass and then only need to present themselves at the Express Bag Drop Counter to drop their checked-in luggage. The Bag Drop Counter will have service staff available to assist.

Customers who check-in online and are travelling with only a cabin bag still need to proceed to the Express Bag Drop counter to have their these weighed and tagged prior to boarding.

In addition to individuals, groups travelling together can also check-in through this online feature.

please review below.

How you can check-in online

1.1 You can check-in online from 24 hours up until 90 minutes before your departure time.

1.2 Be sure to check your flight’s eligibility for online check-in:   

  Online Check-in

Flights where the primary carrier is Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways codeshare flights operated by other airline

Domestic flights operated by Fiji Link:
- Suva-Nadi-Suva
- Labasa-Nadi/Suva

Fiji Airways flights to and from Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and the USA

Fiji Airways flights operated to regional airports (Nuku'alofa, Apia, Honiara, Port Vila, Kiritimati, Tarawa, Funafuti) from Nadi or Suva

Fiji Airways flights operated out of regional airports (Nuku'alofa, Apia, Honiara, Port Vila, Kiritimati,Tarawa, Vavaú) to Nadi or Suva

Fiji Airways flights operated out of Funafuti to Nadi or Suva

Connecting flights departing within 24 hours from the time of processing online check-in

Connecting flights departing time is more than 24 hours from the time of processing online check-in

1.3 To access the online check-in service, simply follow these 5 easy steps.

Step 1:
      - Visit the Fiji Airways home page and select “Check-in”
Step 2
      - Enter your Booking Reference Number or Ticket Number
Step 3:
      - Select Seat Preference
      - Enter Baggage details
Step 4:
       - Enter travel details
Step 5:
       - Print boarding pass

1.4 It is important you submit the CORRECT regulatory information – passport and personal details.

1.5 You may request for another seat at the Fiji Airways Bag Drop counter if your preferred seat is unavailable online. This is subject to availability.

1.6 Fiji Airways Bag Drop counter will be open at the airport three (3) hours prior to departure time. For flights to and from Los Angeles, the Bag Drop counter will be open four (4) hours prior to departure time. The Bag Drop counter closes one (1) hour prior to departure for all flights.

1.7 When issued with an online boarding pass, please ensure that it is PRINTED and presented at the Fiji Airways Bag Drop counter at the airport.

2. Travelling with Carry-on or Cabin Baggage Only

If you are travelling with carry-on or cabin baggage only, you will still need to proceed to the bag drop counter to get your carry-on bags weighed and tagged before proceeding to the boarding gates.

3. Travelling with Checked Baggage

If you are travelling with checked baggage you will need to check-in your bags at a Fiji Airways Bag Drop counter at the airport. Excess charges will be applicable for any checked baggage beyond checked baggage allowance.

4. Other Related Information

4.1 Unaccompanied Minors (UM) are children under 15 years old who are eligible to travel unaccompanied on a Fiji Airways international flight. All unaccompanied minors must check-in at the airport.

4.2 If you have special requests you can still check-in online, however in some instances you may not be issued a boarding pass until you arrive at the airport.

4.3 You can select the seat of your preference while checking in online, however this may be changed at the airport prior to boarding due to operational reasons.

4.4 You can only request for an Exit Row or an extra legroom seat at the airport, and these are available for a fee on a first-come-first-serve basis; subject to availability and seat criteria requirements.

4.5 If you are travelling with infants you may book in advance at the point of sale to secure the bassinet seats, as such this will be included in your reservations booking. However bassinet seats cannot be selected online, but will be allocated to customers with advance bassinet requests prior to commencement of online check-in. This is subject to availability.

4.6 If you are in a group booking of 9 or more people you can use online check-in, however can only check-in individually.

4.7 Certain regulatory requirements beyond our control may inhibit your ability to check-in online, however, you may still proceed to the airport for check-in which opens three (3) hours prior to your flight’s departure time.


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