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Prepaid Excess Baggage

Saving our guests both time and money with a peace of mind when preparing for their flight, prepaid checked baggage offers convenience and is available for flights between Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. This service can only be bought from any Fiji Airways Sales Offices or through the Fiji Airways 24/7 Global Reservations Centre at a lower rate for guests with a confirmed booking.

Each customer (excluding infants) is able to purchase up to two (2) piece of prepaid checked luggage each and this is available up until four (4) hours prior to flight departure, after which time airport check-in rates will apply.


PRE-PAID EXCESS BAGGAGE RATES – up to 23kg per bag
  1st Bag 2nd Bag
Nadi – Auckland/Christchurch/Wellington FJD90 FJD90
Suva - Auckland FJD100 FJD100
Auckland/Christchurch/Wellington - Nadi  NZD70 NZD70
Auckland-Suva  NZD100 NZD100
Nadi - Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne  FJD100  FJD100
Suva-Sydney  FJD125  FJD125
Sydney/Brisbane/Melbourne - Nadi  AUD55  AUD55
Sydney-Suva  AUD80  AUD80
Nadi- San Francisco/Los Angeles FJD240 FJD240
Nadi- Hong Kong  FJD330 FJD330
Nadi- Singapore FJD330 FJD330
Nadi - Narita FJD250 FJD250
San Francisco/Los Angeles - Nadi USD150 USD150
Hong Kong - Nadi HKD1700 HKD1700
Singapore - Nadi SGD300 SGD300
Narita - Nadi JPY13000 JPY13000
Nadi - Apia FJD310 FJD310
Nadi - Tonga FJD310 FJD310
Apia - Nadi WST260 WST260
Tonga - Nadi TOP220 TOP220
Nadi to Apia FJD520 FJD520
Nadi - Tonga FJD520 FJD520

Please note the following conditions apply:

1. Prepaid excess baggage is charged per bag/piece up to 23kg per bag and is on space available basis.

2. A maximum of 2 bag/piece can be purchased with any confirmed Fiji Airways ticket on Fiji Airways, excluding infants.

3. Passengers holding codeshare tickets are not able to purchase pre-paid excess baggage.

5. Prepaid excess baggage is available for purchase up to four (4) hours prior to departure on a space available basis.

6. Present your pre-paid excess baggage electronic receipt at the check-in counter.

7. Within 4 hours of departure excess baggage can be purchased at check-in for the normal per kg rate. Airports are strictly not permitted to sell the above rates.

8. Pre-paid baggage can be transferred on an existing ticket with an amended travel date, however it cannot be transferred to another customer.

9. Where two or more passengers are booked together and there is a pooled or grouped pre-paid excess checked baggage allowance, all members of the group are required to check-in together.

10. Pre-paid baggage cannot be purchased on the “Manage Your Booking” tool.

11. Pre-paid baggage is not refundable unless:

  • a) Passenger holds a fully refundable ticket and wishes to refund ticket, hence the pre-paid excess baggage will be refunded together with the ticket.
  • b) Where pre-paid excess baggage cannot be carried due to operations, safety or security reasons of a Fiji Airways flight.

Refund fee for Ancillary Services

Prepaid Baggage
Refunds are only applicable on the following ancillary services, if a passenger has purchased a flexible fare, whereby the fare rule permits ticket refunds, if the cancellation is done within the applicable fare rule. Refundable Fare Classes: - Economy class - L, H, B, Y Business class – Z, C, D, J

Refund fee - charge 50% of the ancillary paid.

Ancillary Services Refund Process
1. Prepaid Online Excess Baggage - FJ-AU/NZ v.v 1. Refund applications must be submitted to refunds@fijiairways.com.
2. Prepaid Excess Baggage - Airport rates 2. Refunds are not permitted to be processed at the airport or onboard
3.Prepaid Oversize/Bulky items 3. Refunds must be applied for, no later than 14 days after the last flight on the itinerary



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