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Rugby Union: The Basics

Posted 17 Sep 2019 Rugby, as a sport, is beloved around the world. The two major variants of rugby are rugby league and rugby union though in Fiji, rugby union and rugby sevens are the major versions played (Fiji won the gold medal in rugby sevens at the 2016 Rio Olympics). Fiji is one of the few countries where rugby union is the main sport (locally often referred to as 15s or 15s rugby). The national team is referred to as the Flying Fijians. There are approximately 80,000 registered players from a total population of around 950,000. The Rules A rugby match comprises a first half and second half, each lasting for 40 minutes, separated by a 10-minute halftime period. Two 15-player teams compete against each other to secure possession of the ball and to make forward progress towards the other team’s goal-line. A territory-seizing game,the teams seek to expand their own territory by moving towards the opposing team’s goal-line. This can be achieved either by means of individual players carrying or kicking the ball, or by teamwork (in terms of passing, and rucking and mauling). The two team’s players alternately attack and defend, throwing themselves against each other and struggling to win possession of the ball, all the while seeking to score. If one team manages to carry the ball past the opposing team’s goal-line into the in-goal area, then that team is awarded a “try” and scores points. A try is worth five points. When a team has scored a try, that team is allowed to attempt a conversion to get extra points. A conversion kick can be made from any point perpendicular to where the try was scored, along a line parallel to the touchline. The ball can either be placed on the ground for a place-kick, or dropped and kicked after it hits the ground for a drop-kick. Two points are awarded if the ball passes between the goalposts and above the crossbar. A penalty kick is awarded as a result of a foul committed by the other team, a penalty goal is scored if the ball passes between the goalposts and above the crossbar. This is worth three points. When a dropkick (where the ball is dropped and then kicked after it hits the ground) is attempted during play, a drop goal is awarded if the ball passes between the goalposts and above the crossbar. The Positions There are 15 players in each team, consisting of eight forwards (numbered 1–8) and seven backs (numbered 9–15). Additionally, there can be up to eight replacement players “on the bench”. Jersey numbers 16–23 are used to distinguish them. Players are not confined to any single position on the field, even though they mostly focus on only one or two that suit their skills and body types. Players who train in over three positions are called “utility players”. The scrum (an assemblage used to restart play), however should consist of eight players (if a team still has fifteen on the field); three in the front row, two in the second and three at the rear. The positions as given by the International Rugby Board are full-back, wings (left and right), centres (inside and outside), fly-half, scrum-half, number eight, flanker (openside and blindside), lock, hooker and props (loosehead and tighthead). The backs play behind the forwards and are normally more lightly built and faster. Successful backs are skillful at passing and kicking. Full-backs need to be good defenders and kickers, and have the capability to catch a kicked ball. The wingers are generally among the fastest players in a team and score many of the team’s tries. The centres key attacking roles are to try and break through the defensive line and link successfully with wingers. The fly-half can be a good kicker and usually directs the backline. The scrum-half reclaims the ball from the forwards but needs a quick and accurate pass to get the ball to the backs (often firstly to the fly-half). Forwards compete for the ball in scrums and line-outs and are predominantly bigger and stronger than the backs. Props push in the scrums, while the hooker tries to “hook” the ball. Locks are tall and jump for the ball at the line-out after the hooker has thrown it in. The flankers and number eight should be the first forwards to a tackle and play a crucial role in obtaining possession of the ball for their team. And there you have it. For those unfamiliar with the sport, it can seem a bit daunting but with a basic understanding of the game you are sure to have many, many enjoyable hours of rugby ahead of you!
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15 things to pack while travelling

Posted 17 Sep 2019 15 things to pack while travelling - according to the Flying Fijians (in no particular order) Smartphone - Whether it is to keep in touch, browse the internet, or keep in touch with family and friends, the smartphone is a must for the Flying Fijian on the go. Books - The long wait times between flights and other general downtime on the road can be a welcome time for the aspiring bookworms in the group who use this opportunity to get lost in the world of letters. Bible - It comes as no surprise that a team that wears their faith on their sleeve would consider a Bible to be an essential item to have on hand when travelling. Toiletries - While travel expands the mind and horizons of a person, it can also mean not having things that you may consider pretty basic. Things like your specific brand of deodorant may not be available so the players consider this an essential. After all, you want to be smelling your best, regardless of the climate. Comfort Foods and Snacks - Home is where the heart is. And the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Mixed metaphors aside, when in a country where the cuisine maybe a little too adventurous for the palate, a bit of comfort food goes a long way in making you comfortable. For a fair few of the Flying Fijians, these are things like breakfast crackers, Rewa (a local brand) butter, corned beef and even instant noodles! Don’t knock till you try it - they go together. Video Games - Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch; these are some of the consoles the players mentioned as being instrumental in helping them wind down. Mario Kart got a respectful shout out. Wallet - It’s where your money lives. At least, the cash version.| Casual Clothes - When not on the field, you need some casual clothes to visit the country you're in at your leisure.  Headphones and earplugs -  Whether it is to hear your media more clearly or block out the sound of people snoring on a plane, a good set of headphones does the job - or earplugs if it is just about blocking the noise. Family Photos - When the comfort food isn't enough, you want to have a sentimental link to back home. Huge, muscular and built like a locomotive doesn’t mean you dont miss the family. Sunglasses - You can block the harmful UV rays of the sun, or the nosy gaze of strangers. Important, either way. Tablet and laptop - To watch movies, read the news, play games. But mostly movies. Kava - You can take the Fijian out of Fiji but you can’t keep him from drinking kava. As essential to the Fijian identity as rugby, Kava is the perfect way to wind down with the boys. Rugby Kit - Uniform, boots, gumshield etc - A bit self-explanatory, but if you’re travelling as a Flying Fijian, you need your rugby kit. Strictly on field. Travel Documents -  A bit of a no brainer, you HAVE to have your travel documents. I mean, you COULD try entering another country without your passport but we wouldn’t recommend it. And that's all the things you need to pack while travelling - if you’re a Flying Fijian. Happy travels!
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Posted 27 Nov 2018 A shining jewel in Fiji’s crown, Six Senses Fiji promises an out of the ordinary experience to remember. Found amongst lush vegetation on a protected bay, Six Senses Fiji boasts a gorgeous white sandy beach and turquoise lagoon offering swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and more. Designed to reflect a Fijian village, 24 pool villas offer a contemporary take on tradition, providing a peaceful haven for guests to enjoy their own paradise. For families and larger groups, multi-bedroom residences create a feeling of a private island home with fully equipped kitchens, barbecues, private pools and a complimentary nanny service. The Wellness Village is surrounded by lush tropical jungle and is home to Six Senses Spa Fiji where guests can reconnect with themselves by putting their feet up and their worries down. Take a class at the Alchemy Bar blending your own body scrub or try our aerial yoga or guided meditation to reconnect with yourself. A treetop yoga pavilion offers unsurpassed ocean views from every angle (downward dog, warrior and tree pose). Food and beverage at the resort promises to create memories, not just meals, leaving taste buds tingling and guests hungry for more. Encompassing Eat With Six Senses principles, Six Senses Fiji uses fresh and local ingredients, many grown onsite, to create tonics, probiotics and more, with chef and mixologist working together to banish the barrier between food and drink. Integrating sustainability into every element of our resort, Six Senses Fiji is proud to be 100 percent solar powered with the largest micro grid in Fiji to use Tesla batteries. A water bottling plant onsite is used to purified water to the highest standards and bottled in glass bottles, eliminating the need for any single use plastic bottles on site. Those elements, along with many other initiatives within our resort including a farm, composting and our coral planting project, ensure that we are consistent with the commitment of the brand to reduce our environmental footprint. Water sports including surfing, snorkeling, coral reforestation, windsurfing, hobie cats, jet skis, diving and more along with cultural and environmental activities, cooking classes and mixology lessons mean there is something for everyone at Six Senses Fiji. For more information please visit www.sixsenses.com/resorts/fiji/destination, and to make a reservation please call +679 675 0284.
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Return To Paradise Resort Samoa - The Most Relaxing Experiences That Samoa Has to Offer

Posted 23 Jan 2017 Whether you’re in the mood to soak up some rich Samoan culture, enjoy traditional cuisine or savor a luscious spot of authentic Kava drinking, there is a relaxing experience to suit any craving on our beautiful sun drenched island. Imagine landing in Samoa and being poolside within an hour with a cocktail in hand – that’s what you can do at Return To Paradise Resort Samoa.   Sun, Sand and Serenity The resort is exquisitely positioned right by the ocean, which means a white sand walk through an expanse of paradise is a just a few steps from your bed. Dip your toes in the crystal clear sea as you skip along our flat tempered underwater rocks. Traditional Experiences Filled with Samoan Culture Let your curiosity draw you into the wonderful traditions of the Fa’a Samoa, a phrase which translates into “The Samoan way of life”. Or immerse yourself in one of our tailored excursions and activities like a visit to the famous ToSua Ocean Trench, one of the most photographed places in Samoa. If you're feeling creative you can learn about the adorable art of lava lava printing, basket weaving or traditional Samoan wood carving. If local food and produce is more your thing, you'll love visiting the fresh water springs and ocean piers that are within walking distance of the resort. Have expert guidance in fishing our local waters. Bring your catch back to the resort and our resident chefs will have it prepared and cooked for you to enjoy in a dining experience atop of one of our stunning, yet tranquil beachfront balconies. Relaxation like You've Never Known It Before If sitting back and taking in the sights is more your cup of tea, our fantastic location offers countless ideal spots to settle down, pitch up a beach chair and watch the glorious sun set pour over the calm elapsing waves and soft sands. Then stroll back over to the center of the beach front to enjoy one of our specially choreographed fire dance performances, a pillar of Samoan culture. Villas & Accommodation With a number of accommodation options for all budgets, the Resort is truly one that you should not look past. The Presidential Suite is a favorite for honeymooners and couples looking to get some time away. For families, there is the 2 and 3 bedroom beachfront villas that is perfect! You won’t be disappointed when you choose to stay at the Return To Paradise Resort in Samoa. Samoa is a beautiful country with so many activities and cultural settings that make it a gem in the Pacific. With the Return To Paradise Resort, you have the true embodiment of the Samoan culture, beauty and its people. Choose the resort as your next Samoan holiday destination.
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Together, Barefoot – Our Favourite Place To Be! Tropica Island Resort

Posted 8 Nov 2016 Planning a vacation with your spouse, closest friends, or just a long haul adult only break? While it may not be the first thing you look into when picking a hotel/resort, opting for an adult only resort can make a big difference in your overall luxury travel experience. That’s where Tropica Island Resort fits the bill perfectly. The Tropica Island Experience Nestled into a private sheltered bay on the beautiful sun drenched island of Malolo, Fiji’s adult only Tropica Island Resort is only a short distance from Nadi International Airport but seemingly worlds away, promises a haven of romance, privacy and fun. Leave the kids and cares behind - it’s all about you and your better half. Getting to this dreamy haven, we boarded an inter-island transfer catamaran from Port Denarau Marina (departs three times a day) at 9.00am which took 2 hours via other islands – this would normally take 55 minutes direct otherwise. Mid and lower decks provide air-conditioned comfort while the open-air top deck provides magnificent views of the surrounding islands and resorts along the way. Professional speedboat and water taxi transfers are also available on request one way or return, or alternatively for something really special a number of companies operate a seaplane transfer which will have you at the island in 10 minutes. Relaxation & Rejuvenation Arriving to the island, we were welcomed by the resort staff and their beautiful singing by the pier. Armed with a tropical welcome cocktail to toast our arrival to Paradise, guest manager’s Nancy and Joe made us feel right at home and part of the Tropica family at that moment. We were given a quick introduction to resort facilities and ushered along the sandy and scenic lush garden paths to our unique Beachfront Bure set alongside a white sand beach and coconut palms. Our Bure has an intimate unpretentious atmosphere and sits in quiet gardens with their own beach access and stunning panoramic views across the ocean and neighboring resorts. Waking up to the sound of the Pacific waves outside our Bure was absolute bliss. While endless water views from our own beachside sun lounges or hammock are undeniably romantic, cuddling on our very own verandah swing also has its own dreamy appeal. Plenty of space for lounging on the grass too but definitely great for sand, sea and sun lovers - all about R&R! Thanks to a recent renovation, the resort boasts 12 fully refurbished Beachfront Bures, 4 Deluxe Beachfront Bures and 14 new resort rooms - all with air conditioning. A boutique stocks a range of resort wear, jewellery, handicrafts, souvenirs, pharmaceutical and toiletry items. Attentive customer service and welcome from the friendliest staff on earth is unrivalled. They love to sing, dance, play, laugh and share in the Fijian culture and they will go out of their way to make you feel welcome. The Perfect Setting The open-air restaurant and bar with top-quality international and local cuisine and intimate, incredibly attentive service and complimentary water sports are just some of the features of this hideaway. The resort definitely offers total relaxation as we soak up the sun in the fresh water horizon pool overlooking the turquoise waters of the pacific. It is peaceful, intimate and perfect for relaxed sunbathing as we sip on a cocktail. The ultimate serene setting! Free wifi is also available throughout the resort so you can post those real-time updates on social media. Sure to make anyone jealous. Here, the water is always warm, and we’re on Fiji Time (at your own pace). There’s lots of fun events, from Beach Bocce played frequently, to the landscaping team teaching you to weave, husk coconuts, climb a palm tree, drink fresh coconut juice or extract herbal remedies – lots always unfolding. There’s always a romantic atmosphere for couples especially so at night when the resort is lit with bamboo fire torches combined with soft singing of both English and Fijian classic songs from the staff throughout dinner. Happy Hour is between 6pm-7pm and no other perfect place to relish in this then from their sunset bar. We indulged ourselves in a few of their scrumptious cocktails, watched a picture perfect sunset and enjoyed the rest of the evening with their talented in-house band. Plenty of opportunities for romance — savour a romantic candlelit dinner for two on the pier dock reserved only for private dinners, a long stroll on the beach, or endless sunset views from ‘The Point’. The resorts speedboats are ready to whisk you away to a private picnic with white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, or escorted snorkeling and diving day excursions or if you prefer even a sunbathing session for two at a nearby sandbank. Serenaded sunset cruise with champagne and canapés is also on the cards. Rustic relaxation reign supreme! Surfing and day trips to the infamous Cloud 9, Cloudbreak and Tavarua Island can be arranged too with fishing trips tailored to your requirements and experience. After experiencing one of the resorts popular day trips to Modriki Island, where the famous Castaway movie starring Tom Hanks was shot, it was a great way to unwind, relax the mind and body at the Resort’s Day Spa. Their range of products and treatments using local Fijian skin and body care products definitely promises total rejuvenation and wellbeing. Heavenly pampering couples massages, radiant facials and luxurious spa manicures and pedicures, was a great way to start our sensory journey to body and mind rejuvenation. Options are endless, soaking in coconut and cinnamon aromas, indulging in an exotic body polish cleansed with fresh sugar cane crystals, whatever treatment you choose, their professionally certified therapists ensure you leave feeling relaxed and revitalized. For couples looking for a dream place to get married with breathtaking sea views of the Pacific Ocean receding into the horizon, the resort offers to help you craft the perfect wedding or honeymoon experience. The resort is undoubtedly an ideal place to stay for adults looking for fun, or to celebrate those special occasions – whether it be a wedding, special anniversary, birthday or just a family or friends getaway. Romantic? Undoubtedly. Unique? Absolutely! Seize the opportunity and make the very most of your luxury holiday and go to a place where you and your partner have only dreamed of visiting - Tropica. This place will make anyone feel very special! Place Tropica Island Resort at the top of your next Fiji holiday and you won’t be disappointed. [Images supplied by Tropica Island Resort]
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