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Adrenaline In Paradise – A Guide To Fiji’s Water Sports Activities

By Jennifer Liu Posted 29 Mar 2016

Fiji isn’t just an island destination designed for those who want to lounge poolside with a Pina Colada in hand all day. On top of scenic beaches and dreamy resorts, Fiji also offers a wide range of water sports activities, bound to please all the adrenaline junkies out there.

Add the following 10 activities to your must-do list ahead of your trip to tropical paradise.

1. Banana Boating 6. Surfing
2. Game Fishing 7. Snorkeling
3. Kayaking/River Rafting 8. Wind Surfing
4. Wake Boarding or Water Skiing 9.  River Safari
5. Sky Diving 10. Flyboarding

1. Banana Boating

Banana Boating
Banana Boating, Plantation Island

Adventures shouldn’t be limited to age. Banana boating is the perfect stepping stone for youngsters looking to expand their adrenaline horizons. Hop on the inflated raft and hold on tight as it gets pulled along by a boat. Enjoy the splashes of fun and laughter as you bounce along the waves trying hard not to fall off.

Operator: Adrenalin Fiji
Highlights: Get the whole family on one banana boat and book an Adrenalin photographer to capture the awesome moment.
Location: Denarau Beach, Fiji.


2. Game Fishing

Game Fishing
Game Fishing, Adrenalin Fiji 

Explore and catch the vast marine life of the Fijian waters by fishing for bream, emporer, mahi-mahi, trevally and mackerel around the Mamanuca Islands. Fishing isn’t for the fainthearted; it requires strength as well as patience. It is also another great way to enjoy the sun and admire the nearby islands.

Operator: Adrenalin Fiji
Highlights: Expect to catch fish as tall as your torso!
Location: Charters leave from Port Denarau Marina, Nadi.


3. Kayaking/River Rafting

River Rafting
River Rafting, Rivers Fiji 

Discover another side to Fiji’s water sports by heading inland to Viti Levu’s remote highlands where the Navua River stems. This is a tropical paradise full of lush vegetation and a river with multiple waterfalls and deep canyons. Explore Fiji’s unique terrain through inflatable whitewater rafts or paddle an inflatable kayak – both options will guarantee a memorable experience.

Operator: Rivers Fiji
Highlights: See a different side to Fiji, one that is exotic and full of biodiversity.
Location: Tours operate in the South at Pacific Harbour.


4. Wake Boarding or Water Skiing

Water Skiing
Water Skiing, Adrenalin Fiji

For those who like to skate or ski, water skiing/wake boarding requires a similar skill, except it’s performed on water at high speeds. Experience is preferable to get the most out of the adventure however, lessons can also be organised for first-timers. It is relatively safe and operates on a shallow and sheltered beachfront. For beginners, opt for morning sessions when the water is likely to be calmer.

Operator: Adrenalin Fiji
Highlights: Breeze past all the major resorts on the Denarau Island on water.
Location: Denarau Beach, Fiji.


5. Sky Diving

Sky Diving
Sky Diving, Sky Dive Fiji

Witness the beauty of Fiji from above with a thrilling sky dive and experience the sun, sea and sky all at once. Your adrenaline-charged free fall time will range between 15-70 seconds at 200km/h, followed by a parachute ride of up to 8 minutes, where you can take in spectacular aerial views of Fiji’s tropical islands. Time will fly up there, so opt for a handycam or camera package that allows you to capture the moment – now that’s something to share on your Facebook timeline!

Operator: Sky Dive Fiji
Highlights: The chance to witness Fiji’s azure blue waters and sandy white beaches from a different perspective. Location: Nadi


6. Surfing

Cloudbreak, Fiji Surf Co 

Fiji is renowned as a surfing destination, especially for experienced or pro surfers. Ride the big waves at Cloudbreak, a world class left reef pass three miles south of Namotu Island. Experience waves as small as 2 feet or as large as 20 feet – either way, it’ll be a thrilling challenge. Join a local surf tour which includes road and boat shuttle services that will pick you up from your hotel and take you straight to the best break.

Operator: Fiji Surf Co
Highlights: Cloudbreak is often known as one of the 10 best/most challenging waves in the world – a dream challenge for pro surfers.
Location: Daily SURFari trips are based in Nadi and will handle all transportation needs from your hotel.


7. Snorkeling

Snorkelling and Diving, Adrenalin Fiji 

Snorkelling is one of the most popular activities in Fiji and a must-do for any traveller. Explore the colourful underwater oasis whilst being surrounded by the incredible marine life. Snorkelling experiences can also involve shark dives that will surely raise the heart rate! There are plenty of divine snorkelling spots all over Fiji, which you can visit via day trips or even from the comfort of your resort beach.

Operator: Adrenalin Fiji
Highlights: Fijian waters are home to sea snakes, which you don’t see every day!
Location: All over Fiji or tours operating from Sofitel Beach on Denarau Island.


8. Wind Surfing

Wind surfing is the perfect adventure to keep your fitness game up while holidaying. Fiji has favourable weather conditions almost year-round, with the exception of the wet months from November to April. The trade winds creep up in the afternoon, which is the ideal time to surf, especially when everyone is taking their afternoon naps.

Operator: Adrenalin Fiji
Highlights: Free hire for guests staying at the Hilton, Sofitel, Radisson and Wyndham Resorts in Fiji.
Location: Denarau Beach, Fiji.


9. River Safari

River Safari1
Jet Boat Safari, Sigatoka River Safari 

Cruise along the Sigatoka River via safari jet boats and experience a day in the life of a local Fijian. Immerse yourself in the rich culture as you stop by 15 authentic Fijian villages to understand the local history, people, customs and way of life.

Operator: Sigatoka River Safari
Highlights: A portion of your safari ticket price goes towards enhancing the developments undertaken in the villages which can help improve the lives of those who live there. This includes telecommunications, electrification, concrete footpaths, education and health initiatives.
Location: Depart from Sigatoka Town in the South West of Fiji.


10. Flyboarding

Fly Boating
Flyboating, Hydro Sports Fiji 

See the beauty of Fiji from above the oceans and fly at new heights for an adrenaline rush you will never forget. Flyboarding is a type of water hoverboard that’s attached to a personal water craft, which propels the rider to ‘free fly’ up in the air or to dive headlong through the water. For beginners, opt for the 15 minute flights to get a taste of the thrilling experience, and for pros, book into the 30 minute or 1-hour session to take your manoeuvres to new heights – literally.

Operator: Hydro Sports Fiji
Highlights: Your Hydro instructor can teach you new tricks such as the exhilarating ‘tornado’ twist – it’ll be the greatest flight of your life.
Location: Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji.


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