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Cruising the Yasawa Islands with Blue Lagoon Cruises

Posted 3 Nov 2016 Our decision to holiday within the magnificent Yawasa Islands was sparked by the amazing stories that come from anyone that has ever visited this small group of islands in Fiji. Their stories describe a place of vast untouched beauty, numerous islands bordered by long white sandy beaches and surrounded by an ocean coloured in various shades of blues and greens. It really sounded too good to be true. For the uninitiated, the Yasawa group is an archipelago of about 20 volcanic islands in the Western Division of the Fiji Islands. There are many ways to explore the Yasawas. However, if you’re looking for an experience that provides you with first class comfort, effortless travel, five- star service, lots of great food and plenty of opportunity to do as little or as much as you want- choose Blue Lagoon Cruises. Blue Lagoon Cruise The Perfect Escape Looking to escape the cool winter months, our holiday began with a 3 hour flight from Sydney Australia where the weather was muggy, chilly and wet. Fiji as an overall holiday destination was an easy choice for us. Besides Fiji’s famous exotic beaches, sunshine, friendly people and generous currency exchange rate; it was the short travel distance, affordable and frequent flight options by Fiji Airways that made our choice a winner. Ultimately this meant more money to spend on any extra activities we wanted. Touching down in Fiji, I recall the Captain’s welcoming words “Ladies and gentleman welcome to Fiji, home of the Olympic Sevens gold medal champions”. This announcement was received with deafening cheers and thunderous applause by all the passengers. Two days prior to our arrival, Fiji had made history by winning the inaugural Olympic Rugby Sevens tournament. It was also the island nation’s first ever medal in any Olympic event. With all the positive energy and hype from the nation’s recent win, we couldn’t have timed our getaway more perfectly. There was no doubt that the enthusiasm and energy of the locals were at an all-time high. Adventure Awaits Upon arrival in Nadi, we were shuttled to Denarau Marina where we checked-in for our cruise at the South Seas counter. At that point, the afternoon itinerary was handed to us and our luggage taken by front desk where it was tagged and allocated our room number. Admittedly like most travellers we were a little cautious about misplaced luggage, so when it left our hands we were a tad bit uneasy. Our nerves were quickly put to ease as we were reassured by the polite concierge that our luggage would be handled with great care. Our job at that point was to simply unwind and enjoy the start of our Fiji holiday. After a brief 30 minutes exploring the Denarau Marina shops and restaurants, we departed on board the Cougar 2, a high- speed transfer catamaran. During our transfer, we were spoilt with soft drinks, nibbles and best of all - champagne. The scenery on the transfer was breathtaking as we cruised past numerous smaller islands known as the Mamanuca group of islands. About forty minutes later, we arrived at our rendezvous point, the Sacred Islands. Fiji Princess The Sacred Islands The Fiji Princess, our cruise ship, was docked in the turquoise lagoon and awaiting our arrival. On board the ship we were greeted by the local crew and briefed by Apisai the cruise director about cruise safety procedures. It was difficult paying attention as we had been served lunch and were in awe at the breath-taking backdrop of the Sacred islands. We could easily see why they called it the Sacred Islands because besides its complete isolation from other islands, it was untouched and we were the only ones there. In the middle of lunch I remember thinking that, if for some reason we didn’t reach the Yasawa group of Islands then that would be okay, because this was already paradise in itself. This was a sobering thought because the cruise hadn’t even begun. We spent the rest of that afternoon swimming and wandering the beaches, while other passengers went kayaking and snorkelling the lagoon. For some odd reason the famous beach image from the 1953 romantic drama “From Here to Eternity” kept coming to mind. It felt like we were in an iconic piece of paradise. After a couple of hours enjoying Sacred Island it was back on board the Fiji Princess to freshen up for happy hour and the Captain’s dinner. The à la carte menu was locally inspired and was nothing short of 5-star quality. Singing Fijian island tunes and 1980’s music, the friendly Blue Lagoon crew eased us into our first night on board. Breakfast is served between 7.30am and 10am and offers just about everything that would be desirable on any breakfast menu. The omelettes whisked up by the talented young chef were a go-to meal for us every morning. The daily intercom announcements will ensure you don’t miss any pre-scheduled meal or activity. And in the likelihood that you do miss breakfast - don’t worry because there is always morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner to look forward to. The Blue Lagoon staff have a saying, “the more you eat the better you float”. True to their motto, no one ever went hungry on board. Traditional Fijian Lovo The Beautiful Nanuya Lailai Island Early morning on the second day we pulled anchor and voyaged our way towards Nanuya Lailai. This is home to Blue Lagoon Cruises very own private beach. Nanuya Lailai is encircled by two other islands, creating a beautiful sheltered lagoon. Standing from the top deck of the ship you can see straight through these crystal clear waters to the bottom of the ocean floor. The stern of the ship is tied to a coconut tree roughly 25 metres from shore. On the beach you have massages on offer, a beach bar, and sun loungers. You will not be short of activities either with fish feeding, snorkelling, kayaking and paddle boarding to look forward to. Our evening activity was also spent back on this private beach where we enjoyed cocktails and kava under the stars, traditional Fijian lovo food and entertainment by local neighbouring villagers to a Fiji traditional meke dance. Offered on the third morning and perhaps one of the highlights for us was the hike over the hill to the other side of the island. Don’t get us wrong, the first two days were magnificent but the guided hike gave us a good insight into everyday local island life. Local village plantations, old island bures (thatched houses) and the 360 degree breathtaking views of the island hilltops were unforgettable. It was a point where we found ourselves questioning the madness of living in big cities when the simplicity of places like this exist with people that showed so much ease and contentment with their lives. The hike ended with a cup of lemon leaf tea and cakes by the beach at Lo’s Tea Shop. Traditional Fijian Meke The Infamous Sawa-I-Lau Caves Later that afternoon we set sail for stunning limestone Sawa-I-Lau caves. This was another natural wonder to behold and something you simply can’t miss on your trip. Made from limestone, these caverns are a combination of fresh and salt water. A large hole above the caves is its only light source and its surrounding walls give an eerie echo with every sound made. There are cool Fijian legends about these caves. The waters aren’t shallow either, with a bottom of at least 12 feet deep. Its lots of fun with a bit of courage and adventure involved. Let’s just say the Blue Lagoon Cruise wouldn’t be complete without it. Sawa-i-Lau Caves All good things must come to an end Our fourth and final day was spent at Drawaga Island. We attended a local village school where Blue Lagoon community initiative “Vinaka Fiji” volunteers work. We thought this was a cool way to give back and support the local village communities, particularly its children. The shell markets at Drawaga were also buzzing with cool souvenirs on offer. The evening ended with dinner and a party night but for us, a quiet game of monopoly was all we had energy for as we turned in for our last night of the cruise. Drawaqa Community The package we chose was a 4 night wander cruise package and we would highly recommend the same. Besides the mesmerizing islands and all its beauty, it was the hardworking and happy staff of Blue Lagoon Cruises that made this trip so enjoyable. Definitely a trip that is worth doing at least once in your life.  
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Places to Stay in Port Vila, Vanuatu

Posted 19 May 2016 In our last piece from our trip to Vanuatu, we give you an insight into the accommodation that we were treated to. No doubt – they were all amazing and something we would have no qualms about returning to. Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa Grand Hotel and Casino Port Vila has a wide range of accommodation options to suit all travellers and budgets. Of our six-night stay in Port Vila, the first two were spent at the lavish Grand Hotel and Casino. The hotel is hard to miss with its towering structure overlooking magnificent views of Port Vila Harbour. A glass of wine watching the sunset from our high- rise patio was the perfect way to relax after a long day of adventure. Grand Hotel & Casino, Vanuatu The service was most commendable along with a great range of breakfast and dinner options. The famous Vanuatu beef is a must try as the chefs grill it to absolute perfection. It will definitely challenge all your ‘best steak’ experiences. The location, class and elegance of this hotel make it a fantastic accommodation option. Grand Hotel & Casino, Vanuatu Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa is only a ten minute drive from Port Vila’s main town centre. If resort style accommodation is more your preference then this would be the perfect choice, especially for families and couples. The views out to Erakor Lagoon are breathtaking. They have a wide range of kids and adult activities so there is always something exciting to do. Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa Our stand alone bungalow accommodation was perfect and a welcome change from our usual room accommodation. The local band that played during the Saturday night buffet dinner was understated and truly deserving of celebrity status. The perfect way to spend our last evening in Port Vila. Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa Crystal Palace Crystal Palace is truly a unique place to stay. It is the newest accommodation provider in Port Vila. It opened in early March this year with an enthusiastic team that were welcoming and keen to ensure our stay was comfortable. The hotel is small but is located prominently on the foreshore overlooking Mele Bay which gives guests in ocean view rooms, a magnificent view. There is a restaurant in the hotel that serves authentic Chinese cuisine. However, other food options are conveniently only a short distance walk from the hotel. Although it has only come from small beginnings, Crystal Palace is sure to attract its own clientele and flourish. In the words of our Vanuatu hosts, “Tankyu tumas” (Thank you sincerely) for reliving this journey with us. We hope your stories and experiences of Port Vila will be just as wondrous and memorable as ours!
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Things To Do In Port Vila Vanuatu

Posted 4 May 2016 From cascading waterfalls to pristine island beaches and Blue Lagoons, Port Vila is one of only a few places in the world where you can have so many once in a lifetime experiences within a couple minutes from each other. View if Iririki Island from Port Vila Harbour ©David Kirkland MELE CASCADES WATERFALL Located in the rainforest of Mele village, Mele Cascades is a unique eco-friendly and multi-tiered waterfall. The water flowing from each rock pool is unbelievably clear that you would almost be tempted to drink from it. Depending on your fitness level, it takes about 20 minutes to traverse to the top tier waterfall. The pools are ice cool and refreshing, and a dip is the perfect reward for that short hike on a hot day. Cascades, Port Vila, Vanuatu There are no real steep hills to climb only gradual inclines that meander through a rainforest like scene. The streams of cool water are a tease where the path crosses shallow streams at various points along the walk, building anticipation and enticing you further. The pathway is steady and, in my opinion, suitable for most ages. For the parts that might seem a little risky, the land owners have done well to build slip-free reinforcing and provided rope support into the landscape in a way that does not compromise the integrity of the natural environment. Cascades, Port Vila, Vanuatu At the entrance there are well maintained restrooms and a cafe. Mele Cascades is only a 20-minute drive from Port Vila town Centre. If you prefer you could catch the local bus or taxi to take you there or go with Evergreen Vanuatu who provide tours to the Cascades. There is a fee to be paid at the entrance to the Cascades but it is definitely well worth the experience. BEACH BAR FIRE DANCE by VANUA FIRE (FRIDAY NIGHTS) Just a 15-minute drive from Port Vila town Centre, the famous Beach Bar Fire Dance is possibly the best way to spend your Friday evening. This one-hour show starts at 7pm and is deserving of its immense popularity. Made up of a group of young local talent who call themselves Vanua Fire; this is island fire dancing like you’ve never seen. Unlike traditional fire dancing, this show can be likened to a contemporary theatre performance with different themes and acts that seem to tell its own story. Beach Bar Fiji Dance, Port Vila, Vanuatu The upbeat music is supported by a live in-house DJ making it very funky and well-rehearsed. These fire dancers spin fire sticks, fire poi's, fire hula hoops and breathe fire. You can even expect the odd fireworks thrown into the mix. The show is free to watch but the talented group are an initiative of their own and are well- deserving of any donations. The audience are given the opportunity to donate at the end of the show. PELE ISLAND BEACH & SNORKELLING Pele Island, Vanuatu Pele Island is one of Vanuatu’s more beautiful islands with historical and local living experiences to offer its visitors. It takes about 25 minutes from Port Vila town Centre to Emua Wharf on the north side of the island, and a further 10 minutes by boat to Pele Island. More than its golden sandy beaches, swaying palms and turquoise waters; it’s the simplicity of life, the happy children and ultra-laid back lifestyle that really captivates you about Pele. Even the animals seem to be in tune with this lifestyle. Snorkeling, Pele Island, Vanuatu Once you have settled in, the local tour guide will brief you on the island, its facilities and from that point on - it feels like home. You are free to roam the island, its local village and use the beach to swim, laze or play. Pele’s surrounding waters were declared a marine sanctuary in 2003 so snorkeling is the perfect way to get up close with the abundant tropical marine life. Ensure you visit Pele Island as soon as you have a chance as the island is part of a climate change adaptation programme which means, there could be a real possibility it won’t be around forever. BLUE LAGOON This is another highlight of Port Vila that is simply surreal you won’t want to miss it. The colours of the lagoon are ridiculously beautiful, possibly one of the more amazing things you will see. Before you jump in, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature and soak it all in. It is no doubt one of those picture- perfect moments you want etched into your memory forever. Relaxing and refreshing, the Lagoon is a mixture of fresh and saltwater. Tall trees and rope swings give you that added thrill when you plunge into this natural wonder. Blue Lagoon, Efate Island, Vanuatu The Lagoon usually has a handful of people but tends to be busier on cruise ship days. Only 35 minutes from Port Vila town, the drive out to Blue Lagoon is also relaxing and almost therapeutic, especially as you meander your way through those open roads. Nothing but green hills, plantations, fresh air, beautiful beaches and miles of open sea. Fiji Airways flies twice weekly from Suva to Port Vila on Wednesdays and Sundays, and four times weekly from Nadi to Port Vila on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Vanuatu's Leading Indigenous inbound tour operator, Evergreen Vanuatu provides both half day and full day tours to the Mele Cascades and Pele Island. Also explore Scuba Diving in Vanuatu.
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Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding In Fiji

Posted 11 Apr 2016 Who doesn’t love a destination wedding? It’s a great opportunity for friends and family to come together on your special day, in a location which they may have never thought to experience before. What’s even more perfect is that the wedding can often segue nicely into the honeymoon, no additional logistics required. No need to um and ah any longer, here are 10 good reasons why the dreamy islands of Fiji would make for a memorable destination wedding. 1. Stunning Resorts 6. An Exotic Experience 2. All-Inclusive Wedding Packages 7. Adventure & Fun With Your Nearest & Dearest 3. Picturesque Memories 8. Luxury & Privacy At It's Finest 4. Be Different 9.  The People 5. Two for One 10. The Price 1. Stunning Resorts Outrigger, Fiji Fiji’s world-class hotels and resorts are what wedding venue dreams are made of. Offering breathtaking views, premium services and too-good-to-be-true wedding packages, a destination wedding in Fiji is a no-brainer. The resort facilities are always incredibly impressive, with all you could possible want (and more) in the one place. Some places even have their own chapel too! Popular Fijian mainland resorts to consider for your wedding include InterContinental Fiji Golf & Spa Resort, Shangri La, Outrigger and Warwick. If you prefer island resorts, some of our favourite picks include Tokoriki, Treasure Island and Castaway Island 2. All-Inclusive Wedding Packages When it comes to experience, the wedding planners in Fiji are next to none. Many of the resorts are designed to accommodate for weddings and work hard to provide excellent services to facilitate. For couples who want to take the stress out of planning your big day, look for holistic wedding packages that cover accommodation, food, entertainment, a wedding coordinator, photography, decorations, minister or celebrant, massages, hair and makeup, staff and transfers. Now you can enjoy your special day, fuss free! 3. Picturesque Memories This may be stating the obvious but Fiji is a beautiful country and serves to be an idyllic backdrop for your wedding. Your wedding photos alone will speak more than a thousand words and spark wedding envy in every way possible. Picture having the ceremony on the beach, underneath a floral wreath in the early afternoon as the sun begins to set over the horizon. Every moment you spend in Fiji (from the lead up, to the big day, to post-wedding) will feel incredible as you wake up to palm trees, luscious greenery and the clear blue ocean. 4. Be Different Cloud 9, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji If a traditional wedding isn’t what you’re after, Fiji also provides other wedding alternatives to consider, such as the newly built Cloud 9. Experience the most special day of your life in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by clear, turquoise blue water and neighbouring islands on a two level floating platform. Opt for a laidback wedding ceremony on this floating island and allow your guests to change into their swimsuits afterwards to enjoy the day in the sun with water sports, wood fire pizza and an open bar. 5. Two for One Likuliku Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji Having a destination wedding in Fiji means that you can enjoy your honeymoon immediately after matrimony. Wedding packages often include accommodation in luxury suites with private balcony dinners and couple’s massages, which makes the transition into marriage life very comfortable. You can also take this time to explore other islands in Fiji, which are designed for honeymooners and adults only. Paradise is served best at the Likuliku Lagoon resort, which houses villas hovering over the clear waters. This is the ideal honeymoon spot, with privacy, intimacy and snorkelling right at your doorstep. 6. An Exotic Experience Want your wedding to be unconventionally memorable? Fijian wedding packages offer the option to include exotic, cultural practices. This could include a singer, Fijian choir, tribal drumming ritual, Polynesian fire dancing or dining lovo style, where food is prepared in hot rocks submerged in the earth and steamed to perfection. Taking this path will give a whole new meaning to having a destination wedding. 7. Adventure & Fun With Your Nearest & Dearest Hilton Hotel, Nadi When else will you get the opportunity for friends and families to be in one place together for an extended time? Fiji isn’t just about white sandy beaches and basking under palm trees, it has so much more to offer. Integrate some action into your destination wedding by exploring various islands on day trips and go snorkelling to witness the expansive underwater oasis. Hotels will help organise day trips and activities at a discounted rate for groups. Organise for said activities pre or post wedding to extend the celebration with your closest family and friends. 8. Luxury & Privacy At It’s Finest The resorts in Fiji pride themselves on offering their guests a premium product and for those seeking to add a serious touch of luxury on their special day, this is the perfect location for it. Take your destination wedding to new heights by marrying on one of the spectacular Fijian islands. Many of these islands are adults-only and cater for a smaller amount of guests, providing unparalleled intimacy and seclusion. One of our favourite picks is Royal Davui Island – with only 16 villas available for guests. Each villa is fitted with a private plunge pool, spa bath, sun deck and wet bar, perched amongst surrounding reefs and islands. Celebrating the big day on your own private tropical island - it doesn’t get more luxurious than that. 9. The People What will make a destination wedding in Fiji even more special is by sharing it with the Fijians themselves. The Fijians are some of the happiest and friendliest people in the world and will go to great lengths to ensure your stay is perfect. Ask anyone who has travelled to Fiji and they will stand by this claim. It’s arguably one of the happiest days in your life and to celebrate it amongst the presence of friendly and joyful locals is a plus. 10. The Price Not to be ignored, weddings are expensive. The benefit of a destination wedding is that it is surprisingly more affordable than having it at home. When you decide on a package in Fiji the overall cost and stress is considerably less than doing it yourself. In Fiji, you have everything you need in one place. It may also be cheaper because of a smaller guest list, so you only have the very nearest and dearest of friends and family. To ensure that guests don’t spend more than they need to, recommend that their presence is their wedding gift.
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The Best Places To Stay In Fiji (For Every Budget)

Posted 23 Mar 2016 Thinking of heading to Fiji but not sure where to stay? We’ve done the hard work for you and scouted some of the top hotels and resorts to suit every budget. Now the challenge is choosing which one! 1. Beachcomber Island Resort 5. Musket Cove Island Resort 2. Mango Bay Resort 6. Nanuku Auberge Resort 3. Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa 7. Likuliku Lagoon Resort 4. Shangri-La Fijian Resort & Spa     IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: BUDGET FRIENDLY Beachcomber Island Resort Beachcomber Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands  Tucked away on a marine sanctuary in the heart of the Mamanuca Islands, Beachcomber Island Resort is made for those who want to experience tropical paradise without breaking the bank. Accommodation options range from affordable dorms to private lodges and beachfront bures, all of which can be tailored to your requirements and budget. With numerous water sports activities within easy access, in addition to parties and nightly entertainment from the resort’s resident band & DJ, Beachcomber is perfect for fun-loving travelers who are looking to make new friends and have a great time. DON’T MISS: The Island Hopping Cloud 9 tour ($195 per person) where you can jump aboard and visit Fiji’s famous 2-deck floating boat for cocktails, followed by lunch at Funky Fish Island Resort. Mango Bay Resort Mango Bay Resort is a tropical haven that’s adorned with azure blue waters and sandy white beaches. Nestled within the Tadrawai Valley on the Coral Coast, this private beachfront resort provides bures and villas that cater to different needs, desires and budgets. All rooms are adorned with local Fijian art and furnishings, set amongst a lush tropical setting or located adjacent to the beach. Spend your days coconut sipping in a hammock while gazing out to the waves or take a day trip out for adrenaline-fueled activities like zip lining and waterfall hikes. DON’T MISS: Some of the cultural activities on offer at Mango Bay Resort, including coconut jewelry and basket making lessons, as well as Fijian cooking classes. IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: AFFORDABLE LUXURY Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa, Natadola Bay Sitting on what we would say is ‘THE’ best beach we’ve been to Fiji, Natadola beach, is the Intercontinental Fiji. Just under an hour’s drive from the airport and it already feels like a world away. One thing that sticks out is the enormity of the resort but that does not show itself in the welcome and homely feel the staff give us. A Cleopatra bath that’s fit enough for two is the signature feature of the resort that is in every room. The Intercontinental has everything you would need to help you escape – from restaurants and conference facilities to three pools, a spa, kids club and a wedding chapel. Did we mention it is on the best beach in Fiji? DON’T MISS: Club Intercontinental sits on a hill with breathtaking panoramic views of Natadola Bay. Guests are treated to an exceptional standard of hospitality through the resorts luxurious accommodation. A feature that sets it apart is the personalised services. Shangri-La Fijian Resort & Spa Situated on the private Yanuca Island in Sigatoka, Fiji’s Shangri-La offers luxurious comfort that’s second to none. The modern rooms and suites are finished with Fijian-inspired décor and feature private balconies that offer sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean. Bordered by pristine white beaches and swaying palm trees, enjoy your stay at the resort by lounging poolside all day to take in the mesmerising backdrop or enjoy some of the daily activities on offer including bike tours and pottery making classes. With child minding and babysitting services available at this family-friendly resort, parents have the opportunity to retreat for a relaxing massage knowing their bubs will be tended to. DON’T MISS: A visit to Shangri-La’s Marine Education Centre, where you (or your kids) can get involved in the resort’s collaborative project with the community, such as fish house building to preserve the delicate marine life. Musket Cove Island Resort Musket Cove Island Resort, Mamanuca Islands Surrounded by secluded palm fringed beaches and coconut groves, Musket Cove is the answer to your tropical fantasies. Located on Malolo Lailai in the picturesque Mamanuca Islands, the resort’s Fijian style bures and villas sit along the beach front, lagoon edge or amongst lush tropical gardens. With a host of complimentary activities available, including stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing and kayaking, it’s safe to say you’ll never get bored. Musket Cove’s world-class marina is also teaming with aquatic life and nothing short of a sanctuary, making snorkeling a must-do activity. Add a cultural element to your stay by joining the free village tour and medicine walk, to discover local gems and to learn about Fijian natural remedies. DON’T MISS: Complimentary drinks at the resort every Monday, where you can socialise with resort staff and fellow travelers. IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR: EXTREME LUXURY Nanuku Auberge Resort Nanuku Auberge Resort, Pacific Harbour Nanuku is as close to heaven as you will get. Sitting on a dramatic edge overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this stunning beachfront resort offers breathtaking ocean views and dedicated luxury services to match. Book into one of the lavish villas which includes a private garden complex, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, butler services, golf cart and all-inclusive dining. Offering unrivaled privacy and seclusion, Nanuku is the ultimate residence for relaxation and discovery. Spend your days on their private island kayaking, paddle boarding and jet skiing, or book into a soothing yoga class. The staff here will go above and beyond to ensure your stay is memorable, although the location alone will get the job done. DON’T MISS: The interesting activities offered at the resort, such as the making fire without matches creative workshop – an experience and discovery sure to intrigue and delight. Likuliku Lagoon Resort Likuliku Lagoon Resort, Mamanuca Islands Located on Malolo Island, Likuliku Lagoon serves as a magical sanctuary for total escapism. Experience luxury at its finest by booking into one of the resort’s 10 private and exclusive overwater bures, each perched on the edge of the vibrant fringing reef, offering panoramic ocean views. Laze on the daybed and soak in the sun from your private deck or enjoy lagoon views of the crystal clear waters from your grand bathtub. For an extra dose of relaxation, indulge in a luxurious Fijian-style massage at the Tatadra Spa where you’ll drift into a dream-like state within a matter of seconds. With a myriad of land/sea tours and activities available in and around the surrounding Mamanuca Islands, you can enjoy the best that Fiji has to offer to your heart’s content at Likuliku. DON’T MISS: The sunset cruise - sail around the island sipping a glass of sparkling wine while listening to the sounds of Likuliku’s serenaders, with the magnificent sunset as the backdrop.
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